Welcome to the Windy Hall web pages.

Here you will find information on our garden, our sheep, our birds and our cottage.

Windy Hall is a registered smallholding with 3 acres of hillside coppice woodland and 2 acres of sloping grass paddock. It is actually a row of early 17th century cottages overlooking Windermere.

On our arrival in 1981 Marjorie, David’s mother, painted this watercolour of Windy Hall.

Our first job, started literally on Day 1, was to bring in a JCB and dig a large pond for our waterfowl collection.

Also to erect a series of temporary aviaries for our exotic pheasants.

The field clearly needed grazing and we soon found ourselves proud owners of some black Hebridean sheep.

Some 10 years after our arrival Nancy, Diane’s mother, drew this Pen and Ink impression of Windy Hall.

Now, over 30 years later, we find ourselves with 3-4 acres of garden, surrounding a pink house – Westmorland Pink, the old colour for houses in this area.

We, Diane & David, are research scientists, now retired – Diane having been a freshwater ecologist and climate change researcher. David was a geologist, geochemist & oceanographer, studying the origins of limestones and salt deposits & teaching at Princeton University. In the early 1970s he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to study the early origins of oceans and spent a year in the East African Rift Valleys and drilling the ocean floor in the Gulf of Aden, on board the Deep Sea Drilling Ship Glomar Challenger . He later moved on to acid rain research. In the late 1970s both were working at the Freshwater Biological Association at Windermere, at that time Britain’s premier freshwater research laboratories. The move to Windy Hall reduced the daily commute to a 5 minute drive down the hill and a 5 minute ferry trip across the lake.